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  About us

  Gone translation Co., Ltd., established in 2000, is a professional translation and inerpretation agency. With a host number of full-time competent translators, we can offer material translation and interpretation services in more than 80 languages, covering all possible areas. We are engaged in the translation, interpretation and guidance services in different fields and industries. For many years, we have provided services for thousands of clients all over the world, especially in China, assisting businessmen in travel and investment. Our typical clients include H&P, VW, World Bank, SAP, ZTE, HUAWEI and etc.

  All of our interpreters are experienced in the interpretation and familiar with local traffic, hotel and ETC. Our translators are skilled in the translation and experienced in different practices. Our guider is good at languages and considerate at services. With our services you can save money, time during your stay in China and you can enjoy more in your experience in China.

  we firmly believe that we are top-grade professional service provider in China.

  We shall persistently follow our business belief "Accuracy, efficacy, and elegance" in offering you the best translation services possible.

  With the translation services that we offer, you will find language is no longer a barrier between you and your international customers. With the translation services that we offer, you can reach out to potential clients and customers in every corner of the world.

  Furthermore, we can provide high-end simultaneous interpretation consecutive interpretation and related equipments with brand of Bosch and Taiden.

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